Riveting tool for hood, tonneau and yacht sail eyelet fasteners

Riveting tool for hood, tonneau and yacht sail eyelet fasteners )

Tuesday 10 September 2019

The traditional upholstery or sail eyelet is used on many applications, from a host of different classic car models on their hoods and tonneau covers, to utility vehicle tarpaulin covers, and especially on boat and yacht sails. The two-piece eyelets are readily available but how do you fit them? Reach for this new specialist riveting tool (part number 77157) from Gunson, the company that looks after all your traditional and classic car tool requirements.

This is a precision-machined punch and die tool, manufactured in Sheffield. It is a traditional riveting hand tool, used with a hammer to complete the riveting action. Each piece of the eyelet is placed either side of the pre-cut hole in the material; then, working on a solid, hard surface, a few sharp taps with the hammer are all that’s required to ensure a good, tight and neatly riveted eyelet.

The forward edge of the Triumph Spitfire tonneau cover and the side fixings on the TR3 cover are just two examples of where these eyelets are used. There are many more examples across automotive, commercial and marine applications.

Very good value for such a precision tool, the Gunson 77157 is available now from your local stockist.